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It’s More Than Just Pest Control


The level of customer service and professionalism that Kenrick Headley brings to this business – Quality Maintenance Services – is unmatched. In fact, his mantra is to be emulated – it’s not just about the money, but about providing quality service to our customers. “I want my work to speak for itself,” he said.

Consumers will agree that it is quite the breath of fresh air, so very welcome indeed, to actually get the service you need and pay for, the first time around and continually; without having to get into a boxing match with the supplier.

Kenrick Headley, a retired police officer of over 34 years, literally has been preparing himself to become an entrepreneur extraordinaire. With the training, discipline and high standard of ethics he acquired while in the police force, and having undertaken continuing education courses in management and customer service, he is determined to let his work distinguish him as superior to the competition, and that is exactly what it has been doing.

“After the hurricanes of 2017, recognizing the damage caused to trees and property, the environment was ripe to establish a pest control company, as I estimated that the demands would have been more than what was available,” Mr. Headley said.

Quality Maintenance Services began in 2018, offering property maintenance, such as minor plumbing, carpentry, cleaning of mold and the like. What he was unable to handle, he would refer to other companies.

His  primary focus has been on providing quality pest control services, with a focus on subterranean, tree nested, dry wood and powderpost termites, ants, roaches, scorpions, centipedes and all crawling insects.

Mr. Headley said he took a big risk to invest in this company, but so far, the return on investment has been worth it, as the business is successful. He has already attracted some major contracts in the marine and restaurant sector, along with a significant number of residential homes and even vehicles, not only on Tortola, but on the other islands as well.

He is proud to say that he keeps up to date with the latest trends in pest control, and is able to properly advise his clients on best practices and remedies for their particular issues, and on the most suitable products to use as well.

Almost all of the products used by Quality Maintenance Services are environmentally-friendly. The chemicals are effective with a lot of insects and can be used in apartments, bakeries, kitchens, food handling establishments, restaurants, supermarkets, homes, hospitals, playrooms, daycares, laboratories, etc.

The other technician at Quality Maintenance Services boasts 11 years’ experience in the field, and comes with extensive knowledge in how to best apply pest control practices and get optimum results.

“One of the major differences in my business is that instead of just focusing on pest control, I cater to the entire property,” Mr. Headley went on to explain.

He said this would include proper inspections and providing reports complete with photographs, outlining to the customer all of the issues affecting their property, advice on what he can do to remedy the problem, and laying out the associated costs. Reports are given on assessment and after completion of the project, if required. He said it is important that clients know exactly what they’re getting.

“Sometimes it’s a one off job”, Headley said, “but other times, depending on the extent of the infestation, it would require a repeat service”.

He said whatever his team has to do to get the job done, it will be done – pulling out a stove to get to a dead rat and then fumigating to eradicate the foul smell; working after hours at a restaurant for example, so that business is not interrupted or unduly stigmatized; working weekends; or being on call at any time of the day or night.

Mr. Headley has definitely found his niche as an entrepreneur, and luckily the service he provides is  greatly needed on the islands. He gauges his success by the number of satisfied and repeat customers he has accumulated over the past two years.

“This is a very personalized service I provide, and people use me because they are comfortable entrusting their homes and businesses to me to work at their convenience,” Mr. Headley stated.

Quality Maintenance Services continues to receive most of its business because of referrals from satisfied customers and is now extending its marketing and promotion through this medium.

Please contact Quality Maintenance Services via telephone +1 284 499 3323, +1 284 543 3323, +1 284 441 4321, or by emailing qualitymaintenaceservices18@yahoo.com.