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Infinity: From Wedding Design Consultation to Home Event Decor


According to Britannica Online, ‘infinity’ is the concept of something that is unlimited, endless, without bound. And applying this construct to our ideas of time and space, means ‘forever’. That’s the story behind the name of the popular wedding design consultation business, now baking supplies and home event décor store Infinity.

“In coming up with the name. I wanted persons to receive ‘Infinity’ as a wedding consultancy which helps create memories of their special day that last forever,” said Sandra Ward, Infinity’s proprietor and design consultant. 

Infinity began in the Virgin Islands as a home-based wedding consultancy business in the 1990s. She explained that persons would order all their wedding needs like invitations, napkins, cutlery and more from a catalogue. Then in 2006, a professional career change and the boom of e-commerce caused Sandra to make a shift in her business offerings and expand into retail; having supplies in store and readily available to customers.

And the business continued to grow. Infinity also began to supply a plethora of baking supplies for novices and professional bakers; from icing to nozzles and piping bags, baking pans to sprinkles, fondant to food colouring and cake boxes.

“The customers have really helped to expand the product offering for Infinity. I have a lot of bakers and lots of people who make treats, but they also do lots of events. They cater events for families at home, for weddings, and offices. And now Infinity has added catering supplies.”

Infinity added catering supplies in December 2019 and carries products ideal for all types of events.

“We consider ourselves a specialty store, because we are into niche retailing with specialty items to enhance your event or home décor,” said Sandra.

Infinity now stocks many food presentation items like trays, crown centerpieces and decorative chafing racks. They also carry appetizer plates, mini forks and spoons, beaded floral garlands, rhinestone ribbons, balloons, helium tanks, foil mirror backdrops, decorative mesh, cake boxes, premium sets of disposable dinnerware, table covers, elegant packaging in rose gold, gold and silver, serving utensils and more.

Sandra says she wants people to think outside the box when it comes to their events and encourages patrons to consider Infinity for not only weddings, baby showers or corporate socials, but also for casual dining home events like housewarmings or even realtors who host house showings.

If you are not convinced yet, here’s what Sandra says about why you should choose Infinity:

“Infinity has a wide product offering, with reasonably priced goods, designed for the niche customer.”