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How can Father God smile on we again?


Leh we gee Jack he jacket! The gowerment ah deh Wirgin Islands did a wonderful job in shutting down deh border dem and prewentin deh spread of deh Coronavirus COVID 19 and also wid deh lockdown and quarantining. Good job.


But awyo must also call a spade a spade. Weh deh hell dem goin wid this gambling law? I nuh a lot ah people want it, but dem evah stop to think why in the worl all these natural disasters and pandemic becummin so rampant? Tis when you tek you oiye dem off deh Master dese things does happen.  Deh Premier always uttering God everytoime he open he mouth and dis is wha he gone in do? Tell he fuh me, if he God is the same one loike mine, I nuh my God don’t like hypocrites. Maybe he does be calling some other God. Laud hawe murcy on we. Ah wonder how deh Methodist Chuch and deh Sewenday Chuch feel about dis and if dem goin leh he play deh organ still?

I een ah educated man but from my experionce I nuh gamblin is dead wrong and I see deh problems it does cause. I remember a friend a mine, laud he loiked to gamble. Everything fuh he was “let we bet.” He wud bet on he chirun dem. He did. Eery cent he geh he wud bet, til it geh so bad he lose he woife, he house and soon after he loife. Yo hear di ting call addicshun. Who don’t hear duz feel, and dis gowerment ain goin tek blame fuh people addicshun, finanshul problems and eventual family problems.

So soon we goin hawe casinos to add to all deh strip club dem and deh fowl fightin pen dem? En awyo wondarin why dese tings happening to we? COVID 19 stoppin we from goin to chuch and worshipin deh Laud and I sure ah lot a we een pic up a Bible since. At a toime when we need God deh most, dem legalizin gamblin. Father God a beg yo, please hawe mercy on we Laud.

Dem passin marijuana law too. Wah stopping dem. If dem coud pass a gamblin law wid no respect to askin we wha we tink, wah is to stop dem from doin it agen and agen. Dem seh dem transparent en tis true, because I feh one, wid my bad oiye dem, can see tru dem crap.  We carne ewen keep ah agriculture farm wid a few goats and some banana trees, but we going farm marijuana. All dem goin do is create another industry wah we een goin have no control ower and loike ewery ting else we goin see deh money leawin deh territree. 

Oiy hope awyo se deh angle dem comin from. Deh sayin dem goin regulate bush medicine. Dah mek me laugh so hard, oiy almost piss meh self. Deh Premier seh it sawe he loife. When in deh wurl bush medicine ewah needed regulatin? When was it a crime? Awyo better read between deh loin and deh loiy dem. Dis is how dem goine justify legalizin marijuana, by calling it bush medicine. Loik ah seh ah redy, oiy een educated, but oiy een stupid eider. Look at dis contrast. If deh gowerment mek Christianity law de Wirgin Islands wud be in ah uproar, do Godless tings such as dese and ewerybody quiet like sum chuch mice. Laud hawe mercy on dis world I pray.

So oiy want to nuh why dis gowerment trying to mek dis place loik eery other place? It had a toime we coud brag that we were different, ah mean better dan deh rest ah dem, but now we loike we full speed in a hurry to deh bottom a deh bucket. And why? Because if yo don’t hawe a plan yo plan to fail. Dis gowerment abviously done hawe a plan, so dem all ower de place doin ah set a tings dat is not relewant to nation building. Yo hear wah deh Bible seh? Unless deh Laud build deh house, deh labor in wain who build it; Unless deh Laud guards the city, deh watchman keeps awake in wain.

Hawe we met our full potential in any of our industries? Hell nuh! Hawe we maximize on deh farming and fishing industry? Deh tourism industry? What about finanshul industry or ewen deh alternative energy industry? Don’t you tink it mek sense to try fust of all to mek dese industries reach dem full potential befuh we here running around loike fowls wid out dem head, trying to mek money? I sure if we cud set a proper plan and stick to it, we cud maximize on all ah dem industries and there wud be a surplus that marijuana or gamblin wudin even be consideration. I tink dah should be deh common sense ting to do, but as dem seh, “common sense aint so common.”

You all hear bout corruption, right? Wah bout racketeerin? Well leh me shed sum loight on dis. We hawe nuh idea how many people out ah wuk and how much muh will be added soon. Deh gowerment went to Social Security and geh $40m. Dem seh sum feh paying unemployment, sum feh budget items, which shud not be and dem hawe deh ordosity to tek $300K fuh each of dem to use in dem district. That is blatant racketeerin! And you wonder why England and de rest ah deh wurl don want to help we, so dem (deh gowerment) toting independence. This is exactly why. We a poor stewards of de public’s purse and it ain’t jus start. Sad to see dem newbies agreed wid dis lawless misconduct. If deh wanted to be different from deh preweous gowerment dem, deh mis their chance. It is in toimes of difficulties dat you see deh true character of a man. Oiy read sum toime ago dat, all man can withstand some kind ah adversity, but if yo want to see deh true character of a man giwe him power. Well all a we can agree dat dese are unprecedented toimes and this is what dem have to show. Deh cud’ve simply make unemployment law, which mek mo sense den gamblin and marijuana law and keep dem han dem clean.

We don’t nuh wah deh future hold and ah ole man loike me don’t even nuh if oiy goin liwe to see another elecshun, but if God spear my loife, oiy goin woting to remowe spiritual wickedness from dem high places so Father God cud smile on we agen.

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