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Copper Mine now boasts a Visitor Centre


A new facility where you can source information and souvenirs, seek refreshments, satisfy your senses as you feast on the view, celebrate a wedding, birthday or any occasion, is now opened.

Today, Friday 27th January 2017, the National Parks Trust of the Virgin Islands officially dedicated the Copper Mine Visitor Center at the Copper Mine National Park.

Among its amenities, include restroom facilities, local artistry, interpretive displays and in the near future, official Tour Guides, refreshments, and souvenirs will be on sale. A new set of walking trails will be established between the mine shafts located in the hills above the center, for the added enjoyment and exploration for all.

The designs of the center were undertaken by Thor Downing of Downing Ltd and his team and the construction was done by Tarris Hill Associates LTD. Led by Zane Potter and his team.

The vision for the Copper Mine Visitor Centre began in the 1990’s when the Copper Mine Restoration Committee and the National Parks Trust collaborated to preserve the historic ruins before it became a Park.

Deputy Premier Minister for Natural Resources and Labour Dr. Kedrick D. Pickering, Chairperson of the National Parks Trust Miss Ayana Hull and Ninth District Representative Hon. Dr. Hubert O’Neal who spoke amidst the great fanfare to celebrate the event, all expressed their pleasure in the new facility.

This is the second of the three Visitor Centers to be opened in the territory. The first one was the Sage Mountain National Park Visitor Center and the final one will be on Anegada in March. According to the leaders, the center adds value to the historic site and provides convenience to visitors and locals alike.

The island of Virgin Gorda has been often referred to as the “Gem” of the Virgin Islands and has been constantly hitting the high marks in magazines for its world famous Baths, superior customer service, the warmth of the people and the entire charm of the albeit small island.