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Christmas comes to the Tortola Pier Park



The musical notes of the saxophonist Kamau Georges, accompanied by the Two Smooth Band drifted in the crisp December air from the band stand of the beautifully Christmas decorated and relaxing outdoor of the Tortola Pier Park (TPP).
In 12 days it would be Christmas Eve and the Management of the TPP rolled out their 12-day- Christmas list of activities from a special Christmas party for the children to musical entertainment, to extended shopping hours.
The Christmas tree lighting and entertainment by Kamau Georges and the Two Smooth Band kicked off day one on Tuesday 13th December 2016.
The following are the other activities slated from Wednesday 14th to Saturday 24th December 2016.
Wednesday 14th (2nd day of Christmas) – Cultural Tasting and Caroling,
Thursday 15th (3rd day of Christmas)-Christmas treats tasting at noon, and entertainment by the Nouveau Royale Kids Dancers
Friday 16th – (4th day of Christmas) -Little Switzerland friends and family event from 10 am to 10 pm and entertainment by Stingray Singers from 5-9 pm
Saturday 17th – (5th day of Christmas) –Flash Mob Dancers, at 10 AM
Sunday 18th – (6th day of Christmas) –Children Christmas party with Santa visits and gifts from 11-5 pm
Monday 19th (7th day of Christmas) –Musa and Melatones 9-1 pm and caroling 4.30-6pm
Tuesday 20th – (8th day of Christmas)–Shooting Stars at 8.30-12.30 pm, Sounds of Steel Pan 7 pm
Wednesday 21st – (9th day of Christmas) –Razor Blades 10-2 pm
Thursday 22nd (10th day of Christmas) – TPP Special Musical Selections from 9-6pm
Friday 23rd (11th day of Christmas) –Heritage Dancers from 2-3pm, New Life Carolers 5.30 pm, A holiday magic 5-6 pm and Focus Band 6-9 pm
Saturday 24th – (12th day of Christmas) – Acapella Fellas 6.30-7 pm, Razor Blades 7-9 pm
Leasing and Marketing Manager at the TPP, Meslyn Allan has stretched out an invitation to all to come to the park.
She said it is the first Christmas of the facility and with the February 16th anniversary coming up, they wanted to do something special and to create that Christmas environment, for locals, cruise passengers and overnight visitors alike to come and experience the park.
Fifty-nine business places are taking part and will be giving off special deals during that time. Shopping hours will be prolonged until 9 pm on Fridays and Saturdays to facilitate that.