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Amaal Tarabay – WildFlower


by Keiyia J. George

Imagine this: you are 14 years old and you have an idea for a natural product that is hard to find within the Territory. Imagine you are 15 and have nearly perfected the recipe your grandmother passed down to you. Just think if you were 16 and owned your own business. Is this even possible? Why don’t you find Amaal Tarabay, who is now 17 years old, and ask her?

Amaal is the sole owner of WildFlower, an all-natural, hard sugar wax produced here in the Virgin Islands. This young entrepreneur decided one day she wouldn’t wait for her grandmother, who she watched make it for many years, to make her wax for her. She took it upon herself to make it herself. Having been exposed to business ownership through her father and other family members, Amaal decided to risk it all. Several of Amaal’s classmates asked her to make some of the wax for them and offered to pay for it. Before she was even out of High School, Amaal decided she could take the product she made for personal hair removal purposes, package it and make a profit from something she loved.

WildFlower has been in business for a little over a year. If you are in any of the Facebook local community boards, you have seen her many demos and “how-to’s” related to the sugar wax she produces. She is proud of what she has produced and thankful she could take something passed from her grandmother and share it with other people in need of a solution for hair removal. In these demos, Amaal gives tips and demonstrations on how to apply the wax and how to get a clean ‘pull’. She assures all they can do the removal at home, but she is definitely willing to assist where needed.

Today’s young people are looking for smart and natural ways to make a difference in today’s society. With only three natural ingredients, Amaal fits this mould to a ‘T’. Because this wax is applied to the largest organ of the body, Amaal wanted to make sure that the skin was not irritated. She uses essential oils for their healing effects and ensures that the purest ingredients are used. “The ingredients I’ve chosen to make the sugar wax are all-natural,” she shared. “It’s free of skin-irritating chemicals and the removal of hair is gentle.” I mean, who wouldn’t want a gentle hair removal product and procedure?

Business ownership hasn’t always been a walk in the park for Amaal. Before she graduated, she would find herself up all night making batches…well, remaking batches. She shared with Life&Style one of her worst experiences.

“One of my worst days was when I had a huge order and none of the wax came out good because I boiled it for [too] long. I had to do it all over and I had school the next day. I didn’t go to sleep until it was finished.”

This level of commitment is exactly what we want to see in our entrepreneurs. “My challenges included formulating the right ingredients, the right amounts and the right packaging. The most important thing I have learned was dedication is key. You have to be committed to have a successful business.” Now that’s downright important to know! And 100% correct. This young entrepreneur has already learned the secret to a successful business.

Amaal told the magazine her greatest supporters are her family members. With their support, she hopes to expand WildFlower and offer her products to be sold in spas locally. Then she will seek international markets to expand to. After she completes her schooling here, she hopes to gain her certifications in the industry and not only offer her products but use her products to provide a well-sought out service in the Virgin Islands.

Amaal believes wholeheartedly that anyone who wants to open a business should go for it. She advises budding business owners to “go for it” because “life is too short.” She warns others that naysayers will come, but “don’t let anyone hold you back.”

To order WildFlower’s hard sugar wax, you can send Amaal a message on her business Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/wildflowerbvi.