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10 Ways To Give Your Home A Staycation Feel This Summer


Bring the relaxing, airy feeling of vacation summertime into your home with a few décor tips and tweaks that won’t require a complete home makeover. With ideas for seasonal accents and easy updates, these summer decorating ideas will give your home a refreshing look you’ll love.

Choose a spa escape theme

Setting a theme will get you excited about creating an atmosphere of bliss, and you’ll stay motivated to keep your place tidy. Choose a theme that best suits your personality or the type of energy you want to experience this summer. Here are a few ideas:

  • Boho Chic
  • Health spa retreat
  • Tropical fun beach resort
  • Cosy cabin getaway

Move around your furniture

Moving your furniture around helps get your home ready for summer. Think about how your family lives during the summer; how do they spend their time in the house? What do you want to encourage? Then reposition your furniture accordingly. You can put some comfy beanbags by your bookshelves to encourage reading. You can also ditch the formal place settings at the dining table and eat at the bar; this allows you to use your dining table for summer crafting with the kids.

Swap out your throw pillows

One easy summer trick is to switch out your throw pillows for lighter and brighter colors that complement your theme. Just as you swap out your wardrobe for every season, you can easily do the same for your pillows. Store away the winter/autumn pillows in a storage bin, and bring out all your fun summer pillows for a vibrant, refreshing touch.

Light up the summer scents

Another great idea for the summer months is to incorporate summer scents around your home. You can switch out candles, room spray, hand soaps, and even body washes. Try fresh scents such as coconut, lemon, cucumber, or lavender.

Create a relaxing place to sleep

Summer is also a great time to switch out your bed linens and draperies. You can simply swap out your current linens to a lighter or brighter colour or choose sheets and pillowcases in a different fabric such as linen. Don’t be afraid to go bold. A bouquet of flowers can also create that vibrant summer feel your room needs.

Transform your bathroom

Think Zen! Use smart storage to remove clutter and add some tranquil plants. Incorporate your theme with beach tokens by adding starfish and seashells in a glass container filled with sand, or design a nautical feel by hanging an oversized ship rudder and a painting of the ocean.

Add spa amenities

A serene atmosphere is one of the best parts about staying at a resort, and trips to the spa can be really pricey. So why not create the same experience in your own home? Here are some more great design tricks and amenities to go with your theme.

Fill a basket with scented lotions, exfoliating body scrub, soaps, and bath oils. Don’t forget to set a candle and some essential oil for the bath. Stocking extra towels and using your favorite bathrobe will also do the trick.

Spruce up your outdoor space

If you’ve been wondering what to do to spruce up your outdoor space, this summer is the perfect time to give it a new look. Find some great outdoor pillows you can use around your patio, put up some string lights and add a comfy pouf. Turn your porch or patio into a little oasis that you and your family will be excited to lounge on this summer.

Hanging a hammock or a swing chair is another great idea. Nothing says summer like an outdoor afternoon snooze. A backyard hammock lets you rock at your leisure while catching up on your favorite reading novels or some much-deserved shut-eye.

Let in the sunshine and bring the outside in

Pull back the curtains, throw open those windows, and let the warm rays of the sun stream through your home. You’ll enjoy the awakening streaks of sunlight and the touches of a cool breeze. Change out your curtains to a sheer or lighter fabric (or removing them altogether, if you can) to help create the feel of summer in your home.  Small touches, without spending a dime, can make a huge impact.

Up your green game, bring some new plants into your home, or create your own mini indoor herb garden.

Bring on the fun!

Staying indoors this summer? Have a box filled with games ready to go. My personal favourites are Jenga, Pictionary, Twister, puzzles, and a deck of cards. Create a summer playlist of your favourite tracks and invite your family and friends over.

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